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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a CLI profile in Fargate?

Create a CLI profile using your access key and secret key: Create an Amazon ECS cluster with the ecs-cli up command. Because you specified Fargate as your default launch type in the cluster configuration, this command creates an empty cluster and a VPC configured with two public subnets.

How to create a cluster with a Fargate task using aws cli?

Tutorial: Creating a Cluster with a Fargate Task Using the AWS CLI Step 1: Create a Cluster. By default, your account receives a default cluster. The benefit of using the default cluster... Step 2: Register a Task Definition. Before you can run a task on your ECS cluster, you must register a task ...

How to Exec into a container (s) on Fargate?

With ECS on Fargate, it was simply not possible to exec into a container(s). One of the options customers had was to redeploy the task on EC2 to be able to exec into its container(s) or use Cloud Debuggingfrom their IDE.

How do cluster resources work with Fargate?

When your tasks are run on Fargate, your cluster resources are also managed by Fargate. When you first use Amazon ECS, a default cluster is created for you. You can create additional clusters in an account to keep your resources separate. For more information about creating clusters, see Amazon ECS clusters.

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