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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Fargate for Amazon ECS?

Amazon ECS tasks and Amazon EKS pods run in their own dedicated runtime environment. Only pay for what you use. Fargate scales the compute to closely match your specified resource requirements. With Fargate, there is no over-provisioning and paying for additional servers.

What is awaws Fargate with Amazon EKS?

AWS Fargate with Amazon EKS is available in all Amazon EKS Regions except China (Beijing), China (Ningxia), AWS GovCloud (US-East), and AWS GovCloud (US-West). Each pod running on Fargate has its own isolation boundary and does not share the underlying kernel, CPU resources, memory resources, or elastic network interface with another pod.

What EFS volumes are supported on Fargate?

Amazon EFS volumes are supported for tasks hosted on Fargate or Amazon EC2 instances. For more information, see Amazon EFS volumes . FSx for Windows File Server volumes — Provides fully managed Microsoft Windows file servers, that are backed by a fully native Windows file system.

What is ECS Fargate for EKS?

ECS is involved in both cases. Fargate for EKS was announced but not shipped so far. What ECS calls a container instance is known as a worker node in Kubernetes/EKS. We learned it the hard way. Scaling container instances is a challenge. That’s why we recommend using Fargate. Fargate is much easier to operate.

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