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Frequently Asked Questions

What is task Eni in Fargate?

Fargate tasks run on a fleet of virtual machines that AWS manages on behalf of the customer. These VMs are connected to AWS owned VPCs via so called “Fargate ENIs”. When a user launches a task on Fargate, the task is assigned an ENI and this ENI is connected to the customer owned VPC. We call this ENI the “Task ENI.”

What is an ENI in AWS Fargate?

ENIs are also often used as the primary network interfaces for Docker containers launched on ECS using Fargate. This allows Fargate tasks to handle complex networking, set firewalls in place using security groups, and be launched into private subnets. According to AWS, ENIs have the following attributes:

How do I release the Enis created by Fargate?

The ENIs that are created and attached by Fargate cannot be detached manually or modified by your account. This is to prevent the accidental deletion of an ENI that is associated with a running task. To release the ENIs for a task, stop the task.

How do I run an ECS application in Fargate?

The first step to running any application in Fargate is defining an ECS task for Fargate to launch. A task is a logical group of one or more Docker containers that are deployed with specified settings. When running a task in Fargate, there are two different forms of networking to consider:

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