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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a Fargo Forum subscription?

Customers who purchase a Fargo Forum subscription receive comprehensive and in-depth news coverage. A well respected newspaper with strong local focus, compelling feature articles and sharp editorial content, Fargo Forum newspaper readers are always well informed.

What should I expect from the Fargo Forum?

You should expect responsive customer care that allows you to review and update your delivery and billing information, stop delivery of your newspaper when you're away, discover special promotions and notify the Fargo Forum of any questions or comments you have. By what time should I expect the paper to be delivered?

What is a good rating on the fffargo rating scale?

Fargo ratings are on a logarithmic scale like the Richter scale for earthquakes. What that means is that for each gap of 100 points, the higher rated player is twice as good as the lower rated player in the sense that a fair match between them would be 8-4 or 10-5, i.e., the higher rated player wins twice as many games as the lower rated player.

Do I qualify for home delivery of my Fargo Forum subscription?

Fargo Forum subscriptions are not available for every address. If your address doesn’t qualify for home delivery Fargo Forum customer service representatives can help determine what delivery options are available.

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