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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the founder of farmgirl flowers?

Farmgirl Flowers founder Christina Stembel is the latter, quitting her full-time job at Stanford University to launch a flower delivery business that was bootstrapped by her own $49,000 in savings. "I was intentional about starting a business.

How did Christina Stembel start farmgirl flowers?

Christina Stembel didn’t launch her San Francisco-based company with money from an outside investor. Instead, the Farmgirl Flowers CEO bootstrapped the flower delivery service herself using $49,000 from her savings.

Can direct-to-consumer Flowers Shake up the flower industry?

And now, her direct-to-consumer business is shaking up the flower industry. Instead of offering hundreds of bouquet options, the company only carries a select number of curated daily arrangements. Customers choose an arrangement style, rather than specific flowers, Stembel tells CNBC Make It. That’s not the only thing that sets Stembel, 41, apart.

What is a good gift for a farmgirl?

A bouquet of snowy white ranuncs! A dreamy double dozen of anems! An all anemone arrangement that ships free! A $50 Farmgirl gift card! A $100 Farmgirl gift card! A $150 Farmgirl gift card!

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