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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is farmgirl flowers?

She wanted to start a business that was massive but sustainable, fast-growing but bootstrapped. She set her sights on floral bouquets, founding Farmgirl Flowers with the aim of cutting into FTD's and ProFlowers' market dominance.

Who is farm girl Jen?

1 Who is Farm Girl Jen? Who is Farm Girl Jen? Jennifer Saucier was born on 20 July 1966, in the United States of America, and under her pseudonym Farm Girl Jen, is a YouTube personality, best known from gaining popularity on her channel called BansheeMoon, on which she documents her daily life alongside her husband who goes by the name of Exoman.

What is a good gift for a farmgirl?

A bouquet of snowy white ranuncs! A dreamy double dozen of anems! An all anemone arrangement that ships free! A $50 Farmgirl gift card! A $100 Farmgirl gift card! A $150 Farmgirl gift card!

What is your fave NBD flower?

NBD - just 92% of y'alls fave flower! A festive mix of tulips, roselilies + greens! Anems + pom pom ranuncs + a vase!

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