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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FARSITE model?

A computer simulation model, FARSITE, includes existing fire behavior models for surface, crown, spotting, point-source fire acceleration, and fuel moisture. The model’s components and assumptions are documented. Simulations were run for simple conditions that illustrate the effect of individual fire behavior models on two-dimensional fire growth.

How does FARSITE simulate fire behavior?

FARSITE incorporates existing models of surface fire, crown fire, point-source fire acceleration, spotting, and fuel moisture. This documentation of how the simulation was constructed, and how the individual fire behavior models perform, will be useful to researchers and managers who use FARSITE or are interested in fire growth simulation.

What is the crown fire model used in FARSITE?

The crown fire model used in FARSITEwas developed by Van Wagner (1977, 1993) and is similar to its implementation in the Canadian Forest Fire Behavior Prediction System (Forestry Canada Fire Danger Group 1992).

What happened to FARSITE and Flammap?

Probably what happened was that Flammap and Farsite were always very similar (both give spatial fire behavior vs the single point fire behavior of behave, but Flammap doesn't do behavior with time like Farsite), so they were worked on separately, then eventually Farsite got merged back into Flammap.

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