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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to publish an article in FASEB?

Article Publication Charges The FASEB Journaloffers authors the ability to publish their articles Open Access: immediately free to read, download, and share. If the Open Access option is selected, submissions will be subject to an APC if accepted and published in the journal: $3390 USD / £2280 GBP / €2810 EUR

What are FASEB publications?

FASEB Publications advance science by publishing and globally disseminating research across all areas of biology and biomedical sciences. The portfolio includes two peer-reviewed journals: our flagship publication, The FASEB Journal, which offers traditional and open access options, and FASEB BioAdvances, which is a fully open access journal.

How many pages are in the FASEB Journal?

The FASEB Journal Pages: 338-342 First Published: 20 September 2007 Abstract Full text PDF References Request permissions Open access The FASEB Journalannounces new streamlined pricing effective January 1, 2022 Darla P. Henderson, The FASEB Journal First Published: 27 December 2021 Full text PDF Request permissions Free to Read

How does the FASEB Journal make money?

Historically, the primary source of revenue for The FASEB Journal has been a combination of author-paid page charges and institution-supported subscription fees. In practice, page charges were based on the number of printed pages (including supplemental), and authors were billed at the end of the publishing process once pages were composed.

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