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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reports bot?

This bot is a Discord.js and node js powered bot. The bot keeps track of all reports in your server and writes them all down in the reports channel. Also the bot has a really useful help command that tells you all about how you can set it up in your server.

What is kweh discord bot?

Kweh! FFXIV Discord Bot Kweh! is yet another Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV) Discord Bot that fetches data from Lodestone, various community APIs and websites. Lodestone profile with custom generated character card

What are some of the best discord bots?

Ser Aymeric is the most feature-rich & professional Discord bot around.

What is fashion report in Final Fantasy 14?

Final Fantasy 14 introduced Fashion Report in 2018 when it added Masked Rose and Kasumi to the Gold Saucer. This minigame challenges players each week to dress in accordance to certain themes, with the promise of Manderville Gold Saucer Points and boutique vendor rewards.

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