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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Innovation Summit?

The Summit will highlight the companies and nonprofits that are applying innovative thinking to create cutting edge products and services as well as innovative processes that are more efficient, sustainable, and underscore a growing commitment from businesses to take all stakeholders into account as they strive to grow and prosper.

How many organizations have been recognized by Fast Company?

Last year, Fast Company recognized more than 400 organizations with this prestigious honor, from the largest companies in the world to small startups with just a few employees. With innovation more important than ever this year, Fast Company is looking forward to recognizing the organizations that are moving the world forward.

What is the Metaverse summit?

The Metaverse Summit is a cross-industry and cross-functional audience; aimed specifically at strategists, technologists and innovation leaders within brands and corporations with related job functions in: Marketing, Technology, Strategy, Innovation, Digital, Information, Transformation, Brand, Engagement, Experience, Social Media, Metaverse

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