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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a Zootopia weight gain comic?

Zootopia Weight Gain Comic Preview 2! Hey guys! I'm working hard on my next pack, an adorable and romantic Zootopia weight gain story staring Gideon Grey as the feeder and Judy Hopps as the gainer. It will be available for sale within the next week!

What is a weight gain game?

A weight gain text-adventure game made in twine. App version of a semi-interactive novel about outer space weightgain. A short fetish weight gain novel. aweridothatdoesgames? A sorta point-and-click furry text adventure game centered around stuffing/expansion! Use your magic to spread weight-gain throughout the land!

What is fat anime folder?

The wondrous ample female form in all its glorious originality and specificity. This folder regroups deviations that depicts weightgain and/or fat characters through animation.

What is fat anime fan group 16+?

More than five years ago, in 2015, on January 31, the Fat Anime Fan Group 16+ ™ was created. At that time, we were the first in the Russian segment of the Internet who could show publicly that there is another beauty - expressed in fat. In the first years we had few like-minded people, but then more and more people began to join us.

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