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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FATCA withholding tax for an NFFE?

FATCA Overview.  A 30% withholding tax applies unless FFIs or NFFEs report US account holders or US investors to the withholding agent –Withholding agent has to report those account holders or investors to the IRS.

What is Chapter 4 of the FATCA implementation notice?

Chapter 4 Implementation Notice, describes the timeline for the implementation of FATCA and discusses matters that will be addressed in regulations by Treasury and the IRS.

What is the extension of the FATCA transitional rules?

Extension of FATCA Transitional Rules for Gross Proceeds, Foreign Passthru Payments, Limited Branches and Limited FFIs, and Sponsored Entities; Modification to Grandfathered Obligation Rule with Respect to Collateral; and Reporting of 2014 Information under a Model 1 IGA Modified Applicability Dates of Certain Provisions Under Chapters 3 and 61

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