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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a cow be too fat?

If a cow is too fat-she will not milk as well (fat deposits in the udder too!) she may have difficulty calving, especially if she is a heifer or an older cow which is a maiden-having her first calf at 4 or 5 years old. Steers which are too fat will not grade well at the works-fat gets cut off before they are weighed.

Is cow foot healthy?

Cow foot produces gelatin, which also has health benefits, such as high collagen protein content and strengthens hair, nails and joints. Mama would bring it to room temperature, sweeten and then chill it, so we could later enjoy this amazing dessert .

Is cow liver fattening?

Fatty liver syndrome is the accumulation of fat within the cow's liver. Fatty liver occurs as a result of the cow breaking down too much fat for the liver to process properly. Fat mobilisation occurs as a result of negative energy balance. The broken down far is then converted back to fat in the liver to prevent them becoming toxic.

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