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Frequently Asked Questions

Is fatcow any good?

FatCow is an excellent webhost, and I'd recommend them to any individual. The service is even robust enough to support large Web enterprises. However, FatCow's unwillingness or inability to offer an uptime guarantee may be a deal-breaker even for small businesses.

Does fatcow offer dedicated IP addresses?

FatCow Original: Price before discount $9.95/month $14.95/month: Price (12-mo) $9.95 / month: ... Does not offer dedicated IP address to shared hosting users (you can't buy one) Only 7 days trial for VPS Cloud users. Cons. ... Dedicated IP : Not available for shared hosting users. No: Free SSL : Free GlobalSign SSL: Yes:

Does fatcow support SSH?

However, FatCow has no SSH, so the security of customers' remote web site and server management is not guaranteed. Besides, the unavailability of Cronjob lead to a result that some functions of the CMS like WordPress can not perform properly. FatCow has always been devoted to providing a reliable hosting environment for its customers.

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