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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FAZ ETF?

What is FAZ? FAZ provides 3x inverse exposure to a market cap-weighted index of US large-cap financial companies. All returns over 1 year are annualized. All returns are total returns unless otherwise stated. Plus, iShares’ Russia ETF becomes actively managed. Global events seem to have put a damper on the U.S. ETF industry.

Is FAZ a bearish bet?

FAZ makes a big and bearish one-day bet against large-cap US financials stocks. It provides -3x exposure to a market cap-weighted index that captures the financials segment of the S&P 500. To gain inverse exposure to the index, FAZ invests in swap agreements, futures contracts, and short positions on the index.

Should I go to FAZ?

Go to Faz as soon as you can and enjoy the ambiance while it is still there. It is very disappointing that this location will be closing down later this year. It is such a beautiful setting, arguably the best in downtown Danville and apparently will become housing. Such a shame.

Is FAZ in Danville worth it?

We love FAZ in downtown Danville, especially sitting outside in the beautiful courtyard. The food is always good- and service is normally wonderful. We attended the buffet (for Father's Day) and although it was pricy, if you are a salmon lover, or go to the carving station more than once, it's well worth it!

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