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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the return value of feature lgmst?

Feature LGMST has two return values: firstly, the maximum number of enterable wage types in the Basic Pay infotype (IT0008), and secondly, the wage type model the system. Example 30/AP01 where 30 is the maximum no. of wage types and AP01 is the wage type model. Help to improve this answer by adding a comment.

What does lgmst stand for?

The planned remuneration specification feature (LGMST) determines default wage types depending on various values (for example, country, employee group and subgroup) for the basic pay Infotype 0008.

How to find the decision criteria in lgmst?

The list of decision criteria can usually be found for any feature using the below navigation path – PE03 Transaction – “Attributes” – “Struct”. In case of LGMST feature, we can see the below list of decision fields already defined. But these fields that are defined here are not the final set of fields.

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