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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a feature of a game?

The word “Feature” is defined as a distinctive attribute or aspect of something. If we apply that definition to games, It will come up to as a distinctive attribute or aspect of the game or what makes the game unique. Game Features can vary and can be either a part of a mechanic, aesthetic, or dynamics of the game.

What are some game features that are based on dynamics?

Game features that are based on dynamics are the games that has a certain game loop. That game loop is what retains the players in the game. Facebook and Mobile games are actually quiet popular in using dynamics as their main Game Feature.

Which game features are applied to mechanics?

Game Modes are the best description of Game Features being applied to mechanics. Evolve actually portrays the Game Feature being heavy on the mechanic. Evolve is a game where four players team up to fight one monster. The one man team is of course given the advantageous attributes in order to balance the game.

What are some good examples of game features revolving around aesthetics?

Most art games are good example of Game Features revolving around aesthetics. Journey, Flower are two games that focused its feature on its graphics. Both games removed the idea of a game Heads-Up-Display resulting as if your screen is an interactive art piece. another game example is “Brothers: a tale of two sons”.

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