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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best golf socks to wear when playing low?

Best golf socks for going low Puma Pounce Low Cut socks The Pounce Low Cut features a polyester, cotton and spandex-blend fabric that is both stretchy and moisture-wicking. The brand’s CoolCell technology keeps you dry and additional cushioning at the toe and heel keeps you comfy throughout your round.

Are your socks making your feet more comfortable?

Easily overlooked is that one of the most significant factors of foot comfort is not one’s shoes, but one’s … socks. Whether you’re walking or riding, foot comfort should be a priority, and really, that comfort starts with socks.

What are moisture wicking socks made of?

These midweight, moisture-wicking socks are made of a cotton-poly yarn blend that offers full cushioning and thermoregulation to allow your feet to breathe. Another functional feature: There’s a mesh ventilation zone under the toe, where feet tend to overheat the most.

What are the best crew socks for summer?

Fans of crew socks will love the Nike Multiplier, which incorporates sweat-wicking fabric (a nylon, polyester and spandex blend) to keep your foot dry and cool, as well as strategically-placed mesh along the midfoot to enhance breathability.

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