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Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix “turn Windows features on or off”?

If you still get a blank turn Windows features on or off list, then try these fixes. Open the run dialog with the Win+R keyboard shortcut. Type services.msc in the run box, and tap enter. This will open the Services window. Look for the Windows Modules Installer service. It should be running and set to automatic.

How to fix optional Windows features list not showing up?

If the optional Windows features list doesn’t populate even after waiting for several minutes, here is how to fix the problem. Type services.msc and press ENTER. This will open the Services console. Double-click Windows Modules Installer service. Set its Start type to Automatic.

How to fix Windows features blank issue?

If you have created a system restore point, you can perform a system restore to revert your computer to a previous point when the Windows Features can work normally. The Windows features blank issue can also be caused by corrupted Windows system files.

How to fix Windows features not loading in Windows 10?

To get rid of Windows features not loading using Command Prompt, you can follow these steps: 1. Open Command Prompt. 2. Type the following command: 3. Press Enter. If the Component Store contains some corrupt information, you can also encounter the Windows features not loading. You can use DISM to fix the corruption in Component Store.

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