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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a fee, or a tax?

Many states and cities limit tax increases via legislation and/or constitutional amendment. In an effort to avoid these limitations, lawmakers are playing political semantics between what a "tax" is and a "fee" is. Any assessment that raises money in excess of what is needed to defray costs is a tax.

What is the legal definition of a fee?

Fee Law and Legal Definition A fee is essentially compensation paid for any particular act, service or labor performed as part of an individual’s official duties or professional service. It is the charge for services rendered.

Do you pay the license fee?

Yes. The vehicle license fee (VLF) is 0.65% of the purchase price for the first year after purchase, decreasing to 0.0975% by the 11th year. So if you paid $20,000 for a new vehicle, the license fee would be about $130 in the first year. The fee would decrease every year until year 11, when it would be about $20.

Are there additional fees?

There are additional fees that could appear on your bill. Here is a list of the fees and what causes them: Late Fee: A one-time $10 late fee will be applied to next month’s bill if you do not make a payment within two days of your bill due date. Restocking Fee: A one-time $30 fee for any device returned with an open box. Missing Accessory Fee: A one-time $75 fee for any device returned with missing accessories.

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