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Frequently Asked Questions

How does leleo work with Feedly?

Leo will go through those sources and filter just the content that’s most important to you, leaving the rest out of your Feedly. When Leo selects an article for you, it’ll have a special green label with information about why it was chosen.

What is feedfeedly's Leo skill?

Feedly also recently added a new Leo skill that it calls “ summarization ,” which basically means that Leo can read your articles so you don’t have to… instead you can scan a machine-generated summary with just the highlights.

What is Feedly's AI assistant Leo?

Even with Feedly’s simplification tools, though, there can still be a lot of content to cut through. Enter Leo, the artificial intelligence (AI) assistant that’s here to help narrow down the options that are best for you. And like most AI assistants, you can train Leo to become better with time.

Is Feedly free to use?

Feedly has five plans, including a free version. Let’s go over them. With the free Feedly plan, you can follow a max of 100 sources and create up to three feeds. This is a good way to start out with Feedly to see if you like the interface (and if you actually read all the content you gather).

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