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Frequently Asked Questions

How many lessons are in each fictional narrative writing unit?

Each Fictional Narrative Writing Unit (Grades 2-5) has 12 lessons. The lessons can be implemented at an easy pace—spread out over four weeks, or can be condensed to be taught in a shorter time period. Since there are twelve fictional narrative lessons, you have time to build in any of your own mini lessons you feel your class needs.

What are some of the best short stories you've ever read?

Here they are: Stealing Candy A narrative written by Blake Sterling. Go Kart Race A narrative written by Andrew Pensiero. Is It Me A narrative written by Avery May. Yes, I have permission from these students and their parents to post their work with their names.

How to write a narrative essay?

1. Brainstorming Characters & Settings 2. Fictional Narrative Organizer 3. Setting the Scene 4. Introducing the Problem (Conflict for 4th & 5th Grade) 6. Character Responds to Events 7. Elaborating on Character Response 8. Sense of Closure 9. Show, Don’t Tell 10. Editing With a Partner 11. Revising & Revisiting the Rubric 12.

Why are my students afraid of writing fiction?

Help Build Your Students' Multiplication Fluency! ➞ Learn More! When it comes to writing fiction, your students may feel intimidated. They aren’t writing about themselves, they are actually being creative and making up a story. This can make them feel shy, reluctant to write, or even embarrassed to share.

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