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What is a filament and what is its function?

The filament is a stalk-like structure that attaches to the base of the flower and supports the anther, which is the structure that produces pollen. Also, what is the function of a style in a flower? The style of a flower is the stalk that supports the stigma and connects it to the ovary.

What is the structure and function of intermediate filaments?

of intermediate filaments. In the cytoplasm: The function of the intermediate filaments is mainly structural and they provide support for cells which come under physical stress such as muscle cells, neurons and some epithelial cells. They can be describes as ‘internal guy ropes’ which support the entire cytoskeleton.

What is the function of the anther and filament?

The function of the anther is to produce and bear the pollen of the flower. This structure sits atop a structure called a filament, and together these two structure constitute the flower's stamen. This is one of a typical flower's two main sexual organs, the other being the pistil, which contains the plant's ovaries.

What is the function of the filament in a plant?

The filament of a plant is a stalk that connects to the anther, both of which comprise the stamen. The anther is responsible for producing pollen, which is necessary for plant reproduction. ... The filament and anther are part of the system that is essential for the plant to reproduce.

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