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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download Google APK?

To download each APK file, click on the link, scroll down, and tap on “Download APK”. The download will start shortly. When it does, a pop-up will appear saying that this type of file can harm your device (don’t worry—it won’t). Tap on “OK” when the pop-up appears.

Where do my downloads from Google Drive go?

actually you will never able to find the files downloaded from the google drive unless you tell which file you wana downloaded as for video open it with photos or copy to photo and it will be save in photos. In Google Drive, touch the 3 horizontal lines (menu) on the left side. You will see downloaded files. That’s where you will find them.

How do I extract APK files?

How do I extract an APK file? Steps. Step 1: Changing the file extension of the APK file. Change the file extension of the . … Step 2: Extracting Java files from APK. Extract the renamed APK file in a specific folder. … Step 3: Getting xml files from APK. For more info, see the apktool website for installation instructions and more.

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