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Frequently Asked Questions

What information does the form 2 form ask for?

Form 2 asks for details such as: 1 your name and address 2 your loved one's name and address, if you know it 3 whether your loved one's situation fits Box A or Box B More ...

How do I get a form 2 in Ontario?

1. Understand when you can get a Form 2 2. Fill out a Form 2 3. Ask a Justice of the Peace to sign your Form 2 4. Take your Form 2 to the police 2. Fill out a Form 2 If your loved one’s situation fits Box A or Box B, you can get and fill out a Form 2 – Order for Examination. You can get a Form 2 online or at any Ontario Court of Justice.

How do I fill out the form correctly?

The main challenge to filling out the form correctly is to avoid errors when entering names and numbers in the fields. Always double-check the boxes to make sure you haven’t entered the wrong figures or misspelled any employee names or addresses.

Is there a guide to fill out a W-2 form?

IRS Publication 15, the Employer’s Tax Guide, is the seminal guide to filling out the form. What follows is a pared-down, simple guide that walks you through each of the lettered and numbered fields on the W-2 form, providing a brief explanation when necessary.

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