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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Fingerhut so expensive?

The prices at Fingerhut are higher than what you can pay at other retailers, and they're well aware of that. This is because they're expecting you to finance your purchase through them, and these higher prices are basically the cost of that financing.

Does Fingerhut help build credit?

The Fingerhut credit account does not come with any benefits other than the perk of your payment history being reported to credit bureaus, which means keeping this account in good standing may be a way to help you build credit.

Does Fingerhut help credit score?

Fingerhut does not list a minimum credit score requirement, but a good credit history will better your eligibility. The card is location specific, and can only be used for Fingerhut purchases. Prices are higher with Fingerhut than most other retailers because of the ability to finance items and pay for them over time.

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