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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to get fingerprinted?

PrintScan offers locations across the United States to get fingerprinted, send them to the FBI and receive your FBI background check report. PrintScan offers fingerprinting services for FBI Background Checks in a majority of its locations. Use the map below to identify the most convenient location that offers your service of need.

Where do I get my fingerprints done?

To find an FBI fingerprint location, check with state, county or local law enforcement agencies such as the police department or sheriff's office. These centers are authorized by the FBI to collect and transmit fingerprints at a fee.

How to obtain FBI clearances?

How to get FBI Clearance Certificate (Online, By Mail, Outside US?) Apply Online on FBI Website. The FBI Police clearance certificate processing time with an online application is 3 to 5 Days. ... FBI Clearance by Postal mail. FBI police clearance request by postal mail processing time is 14 to 16 weeks. ... FBI Approved Third Party Agents. ... Sample FBI Clearance Certificate FAQ. ...

Where to send FBI fingerprint card?

You can obtain fingerprint cards from your local law enforcement agency. You can also visit the Federal Bureau of Investigation website and download the standard FBI fingerprint card, Form FD-258. This is the type of card used for non-criminal fingerprints.

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