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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to get fingerprinted?

Get fingerprinted at a UPS store near you and let PrintScan do the rest. Looking For UPS Store Live Scan Fingerprinting? PrintScan offers live scan fingerprinting services in UPS stores nationwide. If you need live scan fingerprinting services at a UPS location, make an appointment via the PrintScan website at the location most convenient for you.

Where can I get ink fingerprinting done?

Our ink fingerprinting services are done at our office, conveniently located off of all major highways (I-95, US Route 1 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike). Our in-house ink fingerprinting services are convenient for those located in Philadelphia, Montgomery County and Bucks County.

Where to take fingerprints?

The recommended height for recording legible fingerprints is approximately 39 inches from the floor. This allows the forearm of an average adult to be parallel with the floor. This is the recommended position to record fingerprints. Soap and water are preferred; however, rubbing alcohol may be substituted.

Where do I get my fingerprints done?

To find an FBI fingerprint location, check with state, county or local law enforcement agencies such as the police department or sheriff's office. These centers are authorized by the FBI to collect and transmit fingerprints at a fee.

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