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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a fingerprinting location near me?

Use our map finder below to find a location near you. USPS fingerprinting locations are shown on the map along with PrintScan corporate offices. PrintScan offices offer a professional alternative to any fingerprint service offered at USPS.

Does PrintScan offer FDLE fingerprinting services?

PrintScan offers FDLE fingerprinting services at a majority of our locations. Find the most convenient location that offers your service of need and make an appointment using the button below. PrintScan offers electronic fingerprinting services at a majority of our locations.

Are Live Scan fingerprinting services available to the public?

Below is a location search where Live Scan fingerprinting services are available to the public. This search is updated as additional information is received. However, applicants are encouraged to contact the Live Scan providers in advance to verify their current operating hours, fees, etc.

Do UPS Stores do fingerprinting?

Do UPS stores do fingerprinting? Yes, PrintScan gives clients access to over 800 UPS locations nationwide for live scan and ink fingerprinting services. Q. How long do electronic fingerprints take to process? Electronic fingerprint results are typically available within hours by email or 3-5 business days by mail.

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