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Frequently Asked Questions

Do UPS Stores offer fingerprinting services?

Select UPS stores provide electronic fingerprinting services, as of 2015. The services are exclusively available to employers who require job applicant fingerprinting as part of a background check.

What is UPS Store fingerprinting?

UPS Store provides fingerprinting. Live Scan fingerprinting refers to the technique and technology law enforcement agencies and private facilities use to electronically capture finger and palm prints via laptop computers and fingerprinting scanners, without using the more traditional method of ink and paper.

Where to go to get fingerprinted?

You can obtain fingerprint cards from your local law enforcement agency. You can also visit the Federal Bureau of Investigation website and download the standard FBI fingerprint card, Form FD-258. This is the type of card used for non-criminal fingerprints.

Where can I get my fingerprinting done?

Where to Have your Finger Prints Done: Go to a WebCheck location in your area, which may include your local police, sheriff’s department or department of motor vehicles. Your employer or school may also be a WebCheck® location; ask the background check office to review these instructions. Find a WebCheck® location in your area.

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