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Frequently Asked Questions

Was Firestar the leader of ThunderClan?

Firestar's Quest follows Firestar, the leader of ThunderClan, one of the four Clans of cats living in a forest, as he goes on a journey to find the lost fifth Clan, SkyClan. After receiving dreams from the previous leader of SkyClan, Firestar and his mate Sandstorm leave ThunderClan to find and rebuild the lost Clan.

Does Firestar love sandstorm?

Sandstorm had started to fall in love with him. Firestar (Fireheart at the time) eventually fell in love with her.

What was Firestar's warrior name?

Firestar gives Berrypaw, Hazelpaw and Mousepaw their warrior names, Berrynose, Hazeltail and Mousewhisker. Firestar goes on the evening patrol with Hollypaw and Brackenfur. When Berrynose and Birchfall are caught crossing over ShadowClan border, Firestar tells Russetfur that it was a mistake and will not happen again.

What does Firestar look like?

Here's his full description. Firestar is a strong and slender flame-colored ginger tom with green eyes. He has a pale orange belly with powerful shoulders and a long tail and a scar on his flank.

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