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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of firm?

A firm is defined as a business with two or more persons. An example of firm is a law office. Firm means to tighten or strengthen. An example of firm is to shape clay into a mold.

What is a firm specific?

Firm-specific infrastructure. That is, that which provides or supports state services. There is also firm-specific infrastructure such as factories, private roads, capital equipment, and other infrastructural capital assets under private ownership . The related term " firm-specific human capital " applies to the development of individual capital,...

What is firm offer?

Firm offer is an offer in writing where the offer cannot be revoked, withdrawn or amended for a specific period of time. This brings in a slight variation to the usual principle of contract law.

What is firm profitability?

The essence of profitability is a firms Revenue – Costs with revenue depending upon price and quantity of the good sold.

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