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Frequently Asked Questions

Is first directory worth it?

First Directory isn't worth it's money anyway! Whilst my posts do not constitute financial advice, I am always, without fail, 100% right! my iphone is covered on my Lloyds account, a friend lost his on the Silver acc and Lloyds gave him the cash to buy a new one, no quibble.

Is first direct a good bank?

First direct are proud to offer their customers some of the most competitive deals on the market wherever they can. Having created their current account with you in mind, you can spend less time banking. Their current account comes with fantastic benefits, an overdraft facility and satisfaction guarantee. Switching couldn’t be easier.

Does first directory cover travel?

If you already have First Directory, your cover is not affected. Please read the policy terms and conditions for full details. What's covered? Please check Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office advice before you book any travel.

How do I access the first health limited benefit plan network?

Identify yourself as a health plan participant accessing First Health Limited Benefit Plan Network. Always check with the provider’s office before scheduling an appointment or getting services and confirm that they are still a participating provider in the First Health Limited Benefit Plan network.

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