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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fixme it?

With FixMe.IT, remote access is easier than ever before! Deliver live remote support when it's most needed. Configure unattended computers or servers for remote access and control them when no one's present at the remote end. Handle even the most complex technical support issues no matter where you are.

Is fixme it the best remote desktop software?

FixMe.IT is one of the highest rated and most reliable remote desktop solutions on the market. Don't take our word for it, see what other companies say about FixMe.IT on the world's leading business software review platforms. ...This is the best software for the price. I have used it on many, many different types of computers without issue...

What happened to fixme it subscriptions?

We immediately discontinued all of their subscriptions, as our Terms of Services prohibit the use of FixMe.IT for the purpose of misleading or misinforming users for financial gain.

What happened to the user who was asked to install Tech Inline fixme?

The user was asked to run Techinline FixMe.IT in their browser, install the application and provide remote access to their PC for purposes unknown. Luckily, the user turned out to be an experienced IT pro, who unmasked the fraudsters right away and decided to report their activity.

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