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Frequently Asked Questions

How to start a remote support session with fixme?

Here's how you can start a remote support session with FixMe.IT: Go to to download and install the Expert application. Direct the remote user to to run the Client application and obtain a unique Client ID. Click on New Session, enter the Client ID provided by the remote user and click Connect.

What can you do with fixme support?

Capture active support sessions in their entirety for auditing and training purposes and view them at any time. Customer doesn't require admin rights to run the FixMe.IT application. Easily customize the client support page or fully integrate the application into your website.

How do I install the fixme client application?

Navigate to the Home toolbar, click on the Install menu item and choose Install Client Application. Click OK in your chat panel to confirm the installation, then check the status and result of the installation in your chat panel. Navigate to My Account tab and download the FixMe.IT Client Application Setup file.

Is fixme it right for You?

Choose an all-in-one plan that's right for your business needs. There are no upgrade costs or any other hidden fees. FixMe.IT is one of the highest rated and most reliable remote desktop solutions on the market. Don't take our word for it, see what other companies say about FixMe.IT on the world's leading business software review platforms.

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