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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fixme it?

With FixMe.IT, remote access is easier than ever before! Deliver live remote support when it's most needed. Configure unattended computers or servers for remote access and control them when no one's present at the remote end. Handle even the most complex technical support issues no matter where you are.

How does fixme work with remote computers?

The connection with the remote computer is encrypted for obvious security reasons. Once connected, the client's screen is shared as is the mouse and keyboard. With FixMe.IT, multiple connections can be open simultaneously, so a support agent can handle multiple clients at the same time.

How do I install the fixme Expert application?

To install the FixMe.IT Expert application: 1 Go to 2 Click the green button to download the Expert setup file. 3 Run the downloaded setup file to install the application. Upon installation, the FixMe.IT Expert icon will be created on... More ...

Does fixme show all displays on my local screen?

Hi Leonard, Thank you for reviewing FixMe.IT and for being our valued customer! When connected to a remote computer that has 2 or more screens, FixMe.IT shows all displays on your local screen by default.

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