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Frequently Asked Questions

What is fixfixmestick?

FixMeStick was created by a team of computer security engineers with more than 15 years of industry experience providing security solutions to companies like Verizon, AT&T and Bell Canada.

Does FixMeStick really remove viruses?

On the virus removal side, the software does its job about the same as any traditional antivirus software. But this device is more than just virus prevention software that tries to keep viruses out of your machine. The FixMeStick is a complete rescue solution.

Is FixMeStick good for senior citizens?

I am a senior. Although I have used computers... "I am a senior. Although I have used computers all my adult life I am not particularly computer savvy. FixMeStick has eliminated Cyber threats and cleaned my computer with a simple fix. FixMeStick has saved me time and money and provides peace of mind.

How do I install FixMeStick on a new computer?

If your infected computer uses UEFI and can still load Windows, find a working USB port, and insert your FixMeStick. The program should run automatically. If it doesn’t, navigate to the new USB drive, and click on the FixMeStick program. You should see a red button appear with the words “Reboot and Start FixMeStick.”

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