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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a flavoring straw?

A first of its kind flavoring straw with the added fun of fizz! These straws create a unique experience by creating two flavors in the straw. Starting with the beads dissolving and creating the first flavor, then the effervescent tabs start to dissolve and add a whole new layer of flavor.

Why choose strawesome glass straws?

“Strawesome straws are a game-changing product in the clean living world! If you care about your health in the short and long-term, then you’ll want to switch from plastic to Strawesome glass straws pronto. “ “There are so many reasons to love Strawesome glass straws.

What is a water magic straw?

Water Magic is the conveniently fun, flavored hydration. And as always gluten free, non-gmo, and BPA free straws. “The kids were so excited to try these Magic Straws!

What are the best fortified straws for dairy lovers?

Sipahh also offers a range of fortified straws with active ingredients like vitamin D3, Probiotics and Coming in 2019 Omega 3. Same great flavor with an added bonus for dairy lovers of all ages.

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