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Frequently Asked Questions

What gives flavor to a whiskey?

Whiskey Flavor by Grain, Part I: The Big Four Malted Barley: The granddaddy of grains in whiskey is malted barley. ... Unmalted Barley: In the mid-1800s, the United Kingdom levied a tax on malted barley in Ireland. ... Rye: European whiskey distillers settling in early America switched from barley to rye based on its proclivity to grow well pretty much anywhere. More items...

What gives whiskey its flavor?

The combination of the high sugars in the corn mash and the aging process gives bourbon its signature spicy-sweet flavor. Bourbon also has a distinct woodiness thanks to the charred oak barrels, which gives drinks an earthy flavor that complements sweetness.

What does a whiskey taste like?

"Whiskey is sunlight held together by water.". Whiskey tastes like, well, whiskey. Sorry, but there just isn't a single answer that a person can write that can accurately convey what whiskey tastes like. One of the problems is that there are so many variables. Whiskey is distilled from grain that has been fermented.

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