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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients in flavored coffee?

The ingredients in flavored coffees are the same as what you'd get in a bag of beans or ground coffee. The flavor is a result of oils sprayed on the beans while roasting. You can see a little of this oil in a freshly brewed cup of flavored coffee. The other drinks like apple cider, lemonade, lattes, iced coffee style are a different story.

How do you make caramel flavored coffee?

Steps Pour the caramel topping into your coffee pot. Brew coffee as you usually make it with using cold water. Stir the finished coffee and the caramel together well. Serve the coffee into individual cups. Garnish each cup with a generous amount of whipped cream and chopped chocolate toffee bits. Finished.

What is the best tasting coffee?

The smoothest tasting coffee is made from high quality, arabica beans. A lighter roast avoids heavy and bitter oils and the brew method has to be spot on to get the best from your beans. Use only filtered water to ensure a fresh and smooth cup of java.

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