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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the flipflip pen?

Flip the pen around your finger upwards to make your first pass. Gently press on the pen with your middle finger to make it move. Bring the tip of the pen upwards, and rotate it around toward you. As you do this, secure it between your middle and ring finger.

How do you hold a pen with your fingers?

1 Hold the pen between your index finger and thumb as if you’re writing. ... 2 Slide your pointer finger along the pen. In order to flip the pen over your finger, move it out of the way to get it into position. 3 Push the pen slightly with your index finger to flip it over your thumb. ... 4 Catch the pen in between your middle finger and thumb. ...

What is the flip platinum vape pen?

Check out the Flip Platinum Vape is our patented variable voltage, right handed Auto on/off version. FLIP ULTRA Vape Pen: Digital 510 thread battery with locking cart, digital display, variable voltage and dual charging options. Also Check out all of our complete line of available Vape Pens or maybe you only need a 510 thread battery. It’s Here!

How do you fix a pen that won't move?

Just a small amount of force is all you need to get the pen to move. When you do this, the pen starts to flip over your finger. Adjust your thumb and index finger as you move the pen. While moving your middle finger, slide your thumb completely off of the pen and move your index finger out of the way.

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