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How many floods have there been in Europe?

List of floods in Europe Year Details Countries Fatalities Causes 1821 Holmfirth Floods#1821 England 0 Heavy rain 1824 Saint Petersburg#1824 Russia 10,000 Flood 1825 February flood of 1825 Germany, Netherlands 800 Storm surge 1829 Muckle Spate (1829) Scotland Heavy rain 26 more rows ...

How do floods affect political careers in Germany?

In postwar German history, floods have often made or remade political careers – if those politicians had their hands on the levers of power at the time. Decisive handling of the flooding of Hamburg in 1962 raised the profile of Helmut Schmidt, then the city’s senator of the interior, later Germany’s chancellor.

How many people died in the worst floods in history?

This is a list consisting of the deadliest floods worldwide with minimum of 60 deaths. 5,748. "Las Nieves" camping river flood, in Biescas . Only floods having caused 10 fatalities or more in 21st-century are listed.

What was the death toll from the 2010 Sendong floods?

^ "Death toll from floods rises to 1,100". Dawn. 1 August 2010. Retrieved 1 August 2010. ^ "Pakistan rescuers struggle in flood aftermath". BBC News. 2 August 2010. Retrieved 2 August 2010. ^ "Final Report of Tropical Storm Sendong" (PDF). ^ Okiror, Samuel (8 May 2018). "Lethal flash floods hit east African countries already in dire need".

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