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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the floods in Germany?

In Verviers, people waded through the flooded streets Some of the most dramatic images came from the German village of Schuld, in the Ahrweiler district of Rhineland-Palatinate, where a state of emergency has been declared. Twenty dead in 'catastrophic' German floods The German army has been deployed in some areas to help with rescue operations.

How many people died in the flood in Germany?

More than 40 people have died and dozens of people are still missing in Germany after heavy flooding turned streams and streets into raging torrents, sweeping away cars and causing buildings to collapse.

Where did the Meuse River flood in Germany?

A regional train sits in floodwaters at the local station in Kordel, Germany. People use rafts to evacuate after the Meuse River broke its banks during heavy flooding in Liege, Belgium. People look at a railway crossing that was destroyed by the flooding in Priorei, Germany.

What caused the floods in Europe in July?

Flooding in July damaged the main road leading through the Ahr river valley in Germany. London (CNN) Record rainfall that triggered deadly floods in Western Europe in July was made between 1.2 and 9 times more likely by human-caused climate change, according to a new study.

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