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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the floods in Germany?

Flooding in Eastern Germany. In some areas of eastern and southern Germany, the flooding was described as the worst since 2002. At least 16 people have died and thousands have been displaced. Further downstream along the Elbe, Vltava, and Danube Rivers, residents prepared for the rising water.

Where was the flooding in Germany?

Flooding in Germany Water Levels Stabilize along Rhine, Mosel Rivers. In Koblenz, where the Mosel converges into the Rhine, flood waters swept over the city's main landmark, the famous Das Deutsche Eck (German corner) monument to German Emperor Wilhelm I. But the worst appeared to be over near Koblenz.

Is the Rhine river flooding?

There is a gap, called a 'Time Lag' between the high rainfall and the peak discharge. A river with a short time lag and high discharge increases the danger of flooding. Stretches of the Rhine have been straightened and banks heightened, cutting some 50 kilometres off the river's 1,320 kilometre meander to the sea.

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