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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened in the German floods?

Overflowing rivers carried away vehicles, sometimes wheels-up, and houses were destroyed. Aerial footage of the devastating floods in Germany show homes buckled and crushed, cars and SUVs tossed about and water flowing through residential neighborhoods.

Where are the floods in Europe?

Drone and helicopter footage shows the extent of flood damage in towns across Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands after heavy rainfall caused water levels to rise in large parts of western Europe.

How many people have died in the floods in Europe?

Flooding in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg has caused devastation and claimed at least 40 lives in Germany and six in Belgium.

What is happening in Germany?

Extreme Weather Parts of Germany Are Underwater as Intense Flooding Grips the Region By The New York Times • July 15, 2021 Flooding in western Germany killed dozens of people, with many others missing or stranded as severe storms dumped rain and flooded rivers in Western Europe.

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