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Frequently Asked Questions

Which flower represents friendship?

Flowers that symbolize FriendshipCymbidiumNemesiaPlatycodon (Balloon Flower; Chinese Bellflower; Japanese Bellflower)Erythronium (Fawn Lily)Pelargonium (Geranium)Geranium (Cranesbills)Diascia (Twinspur)FreesiaChrysanthemum (Mum)PhloxMore items...

What do flowers symbolize friendship?

White rose: purity, innocence, reverence, a new beginning, a fresh start.Red rose: love, I love youDeep, dark crimson rose : mourningPink rose: grace, happiness, gentlenessYellow rose: jealousy, infidelityOrange rose: desire and enthusiasmLavender rose: love at first sightCoral rose: friendship, modesty, sympathy

What color flowers represent friendship?

Yellow roses symbolize friendship, while red roses are the color symbolizing love. Roses are among the most popular garden plants and come in hundreds of colors and varieties. Honey Perfume and Playboy are other popular varieties of yellow roses. The geranium is the flower of true friendship.

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