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Frequently Asked Questions

Do florists deliver flowers in Russia?

Our local florists in Russia deliver roses, fresh flowers, flower bouquets, flower arrangements, gift baskets, anniversary gifts and other gifts throughout Russia. Russia Flower Shop - right choice to send flowers to Moscow, St - Peterburg, Vladimir, Volgograd, Yekaterinburg and many other cities of Russia.

What do flowers mean in Russia?

The Meaning of Flowers In Russian culture, flowers are not only meant to be beautiful: they also all have their own meanings. If you give flowers to a Russian, they will almost certainly read into the colour or the type of flower that you chose. Yellow – a big no-no

What kind of flowers do Russians like for a date?

Love in Russia is strongly associated with flowers. Ideal boyfriend ALWAYS brings flowers to a date and gives flowers for special occasions What kind of flowers? That depends on the lady’s taste. Most women love long stem red roses, and only very few may think it is cheesy.

How many different flowers are there in Russia?

From the wild mountainous regions of Siberia to the gardens of St. Petersburg, Russia is brimming with bold and beautiful varieties of flora – many of which are flower bed favorites here in the US. Get reacquainted with these 21 stunning Russian blooms, plus learn their symbolism, history, and more. #1. Peonies

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