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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name flutter mean?

flutter noun abnormally rapid beating of the auricles of the heart (especially in a regular rhythm); can result in heart block disturbance, disruption, commotion, flutter, hurly burly, to-do, hoo-ha, hoo-hah, kerfuffle noun a disorderly outburst or tumult

What does flutter sound like?

Flutter and wow, in sound reproduction, waver in a reproduced tone or group of tones that is caused by irregularities in turntable or tape drive speed during recording, duplication, or reproduction.

What does flutter means?

Flutter (Definition) Atrial flutter is an abnormal heart rhythm in the top of the heart in which the top of the heart beats very fast but very regularly (as opposed to atrial fibrillation which is always irregular) and can lead to a rapid heart rate and increased risk for stroke.

Is flutter open source?

Flutter is an open-source mobile application development SDK created by Google. It is used to develop applications for Android and iOS, as well as being the primary method of creating applications for Google Fuchsia.

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