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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the BLC?

BLC is designed to build basic leader and trainer skills needed to lead a team size element; while providing the foundation for further development along the PME learning continuum. Instruction at the BLC is accomplished through the use of the Army Experiential Learning Model (ELM) methodology.

What is flflw?

FLW is a manufacturer's representative and distributor of top physical measurement & control brands offering technical application assistance.

What is the NCO BLC course?

This course is MOS immaterial and taught at Regional NCO academies in a live-in environment. BLC focuses on six Leader Core Competencies (LCC). These competencies are: Readiness, Leadership, Training Management, Communications, Operations and Program Management.

What are the requirements to complete the basic Leaders Course (BLC)?

Unit of assignment must have completed your Post Reservation Checklist (PRCL) in ATRRS 72 hours prior to report date. 2. Effective 1 April2013, Structured Self-Development 1 (SSD-1) is a prerequisite to attend the Basic Leaders Course (BLC).

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