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Frequently Asked Questions

What information is displayed on the Pilot Flying J customer portal?

The information displayed on the Pilot Flying J Customer Portal is Proprietary and Confidential.

How do I Register my pilot or Flying J card?

Register your card at an in-store kiosk, with a cashier at any Pilot or Flying J location or online to be eligible for all of the great rewards and benefits. If your card has been lost or stolen, call Guest Services at 1-877-866-7378 to have that card deactivated to protect your account balance.

Does pilot and Flying J offer free WiFi?

Pilot and Flying J care about providing the best possible experience while you’re on the road. Our WiFi hasn’t been living up to that, so we’re working hard to improve by offering free high-speed Internet * for a limited time. Grant Url is not set. I agree to Pilot and Flying J’s terms and conditions.

Where is pilot company located?

© 2022 Pilot Company. All right reserved. 5508 Lonas Drive • Knoxville, TN 37909

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